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About Us


Music Life was birthed from our love of music, music education, and life's experiences that make us who we are. We believe that music and art education should be a core educational principle made available and taught to all students. Music Life is a progressive advocate for both music and art education. Our educational programs, performances, platforms, and apparel support the efforts of music teachers from elementary to high school, through positive life-changing musical experiences.

 Our Vision

Music the universal language of life, so Be Heard…Music Life!

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Our Mission

To positively enhance life through music education,

performance, experience, and apparel.

Creative Process

Creativity in music is the process by which ideas, art, or creative thinking comes to life. A musician produces an interpretation to a written score recognized by the music connoisseur. Simply put, the creative process has structure. It begins through inspiration and ultimately culminates with a finished piece.

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